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Why is email marketing important?


You have heard about Email marketing but doubt its importance. Its normal to think so but what will your answer be the same after I ask you what is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Open your mobile and check messages and emails? Yes, Emails though involuntarily but we do have a connection to Emails and there are many people just like us.

Now if you are thinking about social media I must tell you average order value from an email is 3X (3 times) that of from social media. You can imagine now what the ROI’s are. So there is one reason for you – cost-effective.

Another is you can target mobile devices, the device you open first thing in the morning remember? That is our reason 2. Now not everybody has the time to monitor it. So what? You can just automate the process using your email marketing software – Reason 3.

But you want to send personalised Emails to people on your email list. You can automate as well as personalize and make your email Interactive too – Reason 4. So, you see you can work out everything and get better ROI too.

No need for long explanations this simple flow would have taken care of the question of why it is important and also taken care of some queries along the way providing reasonable and practical reasons.

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