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Why are chatbots the future of digital marketing?


Are Chatbots really the future of digital marketing? If you ask me YES and i have 6 strong reasons on why you should too.

1. Better Customer Engagement

More the customers get engaged, the more it will improve your business site’s retention rate (Retaining of current customers thus lowering your site’s churn rate (Rate at which your customers unsubscribe).

Chatbox can help in doing so by providing relevant information about your products and services and also other related information related to your website.

2. Available 24/7

Most contact parts on a website don’t offer instant support but this issue is resolved using the chatbox as they are available at all times due to the technology used and thereby the customer gets his query solved at the exact moment. Needless to say, it leaves a positive impression of the brand on the customer’s mind.

3. Gain Customer Insight

When the customer types into the chatbox you are able to know about the various needs of the customer and use this information to optimize your site thereby meeting the customer demands.

4. Keeping Up With the Trends

‘To improve is to change to be perfect is to change often’ said by Winston Churchill. This is relevant in the business world too as you keep up with the current trends i.e. the messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Your website can use chatbots to allow your users to keep up with your brand and make it more accessible them.

5. Personalized Experience

They are set up in order to have a conversation that would be just like a one to one person conversation. They gather information about your website visitors and offer them shopping information based on their purchase history, searches, items shared etc.

Thus they offer help to the customer as a personal assistant to them which makes the customer feel valued and could build loyalty.

6. Handling Capacity

If you have many visitors frequenting your website, then the probability of all the queries being answered at one time could be a tedious task so instead, chatbox are used which are able to handle these with ease.


We can thus say that chatbox offers a wide range of benefits and they can be used in order to create engagement, trust, and great user experience which are the pillars of building a business in general. So yeah Chatbox is the present and the future. We can say that they are here to stay.

Article source: dotcominfoway.com and orangeroomdigital.com

Image source: chatboxmagazine.com


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