Which one - Facebook marketing or Google Ads better for a startup?

Which one – Facebook marketing or Google Ads better for a startup?


This question sounded unique to me as using either of the Ads platforms you would require to spend money. So, as a startup should you invest all your money on Facebook Ads or Google Ads or should you invest some in both? To find answers to these questions read on.


As a startup, you need for people to know you better for which Facebook Ads is the way to go as you are able to reach the audience and create awareness easily on a social media platform.

 It has also the power to generate leads for you. Facebook Ads manager account can help you with it quite easily. But the thinking part involved is too much – keyword research, targeted audience, creating segments within this audience, your end goal etc.

This is the case with Google Ads too but as a social media account for creating brand awareness you should go with Facebook Ads as they have groups, communities and people who will be interested in knowing about your brand and who knows they may convert into leads too.


Coming to Google Ads it is not a social media platform it is a search engine so people come here to find various solutions to their existing problems. So, if a startup is more interested in creating sales directly the Google Ads is your best bet.

 If you already have an awareness and sales is your motto then this should be your best bet. Say if someone searches for an iPhone 11pro Google will directly show you where to buy them and sites that sell it no groups no community that is interested in it direct sales.

And due to the current advancements in Google Ads, you are able to target sales better based on gender, interests, other demographics etc.


So who is the winner? Both actually because it all boils down to your startup’s goal – Brand awareness and lead generation OR direct sales. A personal recommendation would be using both starting with Facebook Ads and then when some awareness is created start with Google Ads to drive sales.

Remember that as a startup you main aim should be funding if that is all clear then get into this as Advertising in itself requires some thinking – Keywords research, targeting your audience etc. So prefer outsourcing via freelancing platforms to do this if your funding part is not yet sorted.

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