Which Email marketing service is the best? [2020 Updated]


There are not many Email marketing service out there that differ according to price and features if you see. So, in order to see which one will suit best according to your need should not be that difficult. Here are my top 4 picks for the best email marketing services out there.

1. Mailchimp


If you have searched about E-mail marketing you sure have heard about MailChimp from one source or the other.

Most of the bloggers and small business use this. There is a free plan which allows you to send up to 10,000 emails per month and an email list of 2000 subscribers.

Some advanced email marketing features such as contact segmenting, autoresponders, service and app integrations, time-zone based sending, A/B testing etc. are available too. Once the free plan is over you can go to their premium plan. They have a price calculator where you get the estimated cost.

Check them out here : MailChimp

2. SendInBlue


Are you a business that needs to send a lot of E-mails? Then this is the email service for you as their Advanced features are priced based on the E-mail volume that the length of your Email list.

With their free plan you can send up to 300 emails/day and 9000 emails/month you can have an unlimited number of contacts. Now on their other plans, this emails/month limit exceeds up to 1,20,000 emails/month and the daily sending limit is cut off.  There’s also Pre-Paid Credits for you to buy a certain volume of emails to send without a monthly commitment.

Check them out here : SendInblue

3. Hubspot Email Service


When small and medium scale business are considered then the email marketing service is also the one that needs to be taken into consideration. They are an email marketing and CRM tool provider.

They consist of free as well as paid plans. The free plan allows you to send up to 2000 emails/month and also include free email tools and CRM. The paid plans allow you to send up to 10,000 emails/month and include 1000 contacts each  +$50/month for additional 1,000 contacts.

Check them out here : Hubspot E-mail Service

4. Drip

They are new in the market with the service specially targeted to bloggers, e-commerce and marketers who have a lot of subscribers and also useful if you sell a lot of products. You will get  integrations for WordPress, WooCommerce, and have the ability to send follow up text messages, Facebook ad integration, and more.

The free plan allows you to have upto 100 subscribers and premium plans that allows upto 5000 subscribers/month anything above this will be aided by enterprise plan of theirs.

Check them out here : Drip

To be clear they are not the only Email marketing services out there but when I compared them with others I felt that these are the ones that will help you out the most. All of the services I mentioned have a free plan so you can test out yourself whether they are right for your needs and then select accordingly.

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