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What should I do to start learning email marketing?


This post won’t consist of advanced tips or strategies just plain and simple beginner’s guide to email marketing or simply put giving you methods on where you can start your journey.

Let us just understand a workflow first

Email signup >> You create an Email list >> You send Emails to the people in your Email list.

As a beginner remembers to always ask permission for signup don’t buy the list being sold online they are a waste of time and money. Build your own list. But most probably they would not just signup unless they have a reason.

For that provide them with freebies such as newsletters, E-book etc. if you don’t have any create a video with some tips and send them the link when they signup. By doing this you can get people to sign up and have your own Email list.

Now comes the second part of creating Emails. Try to keep the first few emails as value-based to build loyalty. Also keep short subject lines 6-10 words/ 40-45 characters are the maximum limit, these will give you maximum open rates. Also, try to think of a catchy subject line to grab attention.

Avoid your emails from being sent to the spam folder. I have jotted down some tips for you for the purpose. Check it out once you have completed reading this blog. (Mention the link to the tips)

Final thing segment your Email list accordingly. Say if you are a phone dealer you would not like to send emails of offers regarding brand A to people who are interested in Brand B, right? Also, it will yield no result so segment your audience once you have created your email list.

You should be ready to start your Email marketing journey keeping these simple steps in mind.

Permission-based signup >> Email list created >> Segment Email list à Send Emails

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