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What is the role of chatbots in digital marketing?


Before getting into the role of Chatbots, let us understand what are they? Ever seen a chat box open up on the screen asking you “How can I help you?” or stuff like that? That is a chatbox for you. It talks on your behalf to generate a personalized user experience.

Nowadays they are used more often because of being engaging yet cost-effective. The roles that they fulfil as a part of digital marketing service is as follows:-

1. Personalized user experience

Imagine you went to a store and the salesman came towards you right away and helped you to select a pair of shoes. How would you feel? Great right! Similarly, when you visit a virtual store/website it is great to have someone cater to your needs, done by chatbots in the online world.

2. Follow up

As a marketer, it is your duty to get the feedback of your users about the product you sold. Chatbots can do that for you and send follow up messages to confirm the user’s experience about the product.

3. Data Data Data

You have set up a chatbot and it is interacting with the users. During this time it is also collecting data on each user. This helps you to understand customer behaviour and you already know what importance does data have while practising digital marketing.

This new AI developed platform is one that is being used often now and rightfully so considering it works on your behalf, helps your customers and even keeps a track of consumer data for future reference. Being cost-effective it is the most common idea to go and implement it on your website too.

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