What is the most effective email marketing strategy [2020 Updated]

What is the most effective email marketing strategy [2020 Updated]


The most effective Email strategies include these 3 key elements – Mobile-friendly emails, personalized messages, segmented subscribers. These 3 elements are the ones to consider when developing your Email marketing strategy:-

1. Mobile-friendly emails

What do we do when we wake up in the morning and have a phone kept next to our bed? We check calls, messages and emails. Well according to statistics more than 60% of us do this. Not surprising since it is quite easy to do.

But did you know there are still many companies out there who have still not optimized their Emails for mobiles? Also according to statistics revenue per email on mobile is 4 times that of desktop and also more than 60% of us use them.

I guess that is enough talk on why to do it. Let’s get to how to do it. 3 Simple steps:-

>> Implement responsive design using your email marketing tool.

>> Keep subject lines short and informative on what your email is about.

>> Large, bold etc. in short Call To Action buttons that stand out as they tend to get smaller on mobile according to the screen sizes.

2. Personalized messages

E-mail open rates

It does not mean you send out a different email to each customer but instead create a format which seems like the messages are personalized.

 The best example of this is Amazon. Have you seen their mails they start with “ Hello (Person’s name). Here are some products according to (my purchase history)”.

So you see there is nothing random here, though computer-generated they seem so personal. All the tools you need for this will be provided by your email marketing platform.

3. Segmented subscribers

You have a list of many subscribers. Great! But have you segmented them yet? You know because the open rates are much higher when you segment your subscribers. How much?

Email Segmentation

Let us understand this with a simple example. You own cars cleaning service so would you target those who own any kind of vehicle or would you target those who own a car? Here according to the example, the vehicles are your subscribers and the cars are a part/segment of the bigger audience – the vehicles. So, obviously you know targeting which one will reap more benefits for you.

This article is inspired by superoffice.com and the images have been taken from there as well. What I have done is take the most important ones and explain them in a simple manner.

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