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What is Facebook Pixel?


Whenever you want to track a conversion from google what do you do? Make a Google Analytics account and use the google analytics code on your website or the pages you want to track.

Now what this code does for your website Facebook pixel does for Facebook. So, in brief, the Facebook pixel is a code you put on your website so that you can track the conversions happening through your Facebook page.


Facebook describes the pixel as an analytical tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising, understanding the actions of people on your site. It is a code that you install on your website that helps you to monitor events occurring on your website for better targeting of your audience, retargeting and much more.

It looks something like this:-


This simple code on your website will help you to make better Ads and target them to people who are more likely to buy your products. Also creating lookalike audiences for retargeting purpose is one of the few benefits of using Facebook Pixel.

You now know what is Facebook pixel and it’s important so now let us go through some more advantages so that you know better about its features through the advantages.

Conversion tracking

Ads Optimization

Custom audience creation

Retargeting website visitors (can target specific page visitors also)

Retargeting people that quit after reaching the Cart.

Retargeting subscribers

These are some of the advantages I don’t have to tell you what all can you achieve with this information.

The main logic behind this is if you already have a set of buyers then you should first give them the importance and track them and prepare your further strategy for targeting accordingly. The information you get through a Facebook pixel is tremendous and can be used to increase your sales on a different scale

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