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What is Facebook marketing?


I can give you a boring definition but you can already find it on the internet I will explain it to you in very simple terms. You know pretty well what Facebook is, But did you know there is another aspect to it – Facebook marketing.

Remember the Ads and posts that are shown in your feed when you have not liked the page of that particular company or profile. Yes, that’s what Facebook marketing is in a nutshell. You use the Facebook Ads manager tool to create Ads and display them in front of your desired audience.


So who uses it? It could be brands, local businesses, NGO’s, celebrities all those who want to develop a fan base on Facebook. Now the question will arise – Why Facebook? 2.5 Billion active users on Facebook and do you know what the population of china is? 1.4 Billion approximately. The numbers don’t lie you see, there is a huge potential for finding customers on Facebook.

I know this one is a short blog but you know there is no need for writing anything if you want to fill a blog. I gave you an idea on what Facebook marketing is, why is it so popular and why people market on it in the first place.

In the blogs I will be posting after this we will discuss what the process of Facebook marketing is, where can you learn it from and thus answer many such questions.

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