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What is email marketing?


In brief, Email Marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies in which you create a dedicated email list of people interested in your product and then send them emails to turn either prospects to customers or covert people who buy from you into the loyal customer base.

Whenever you go to most of the websites nowadays you find that there is a popup that asks you to enter your email so that you can receive the latest news, updates, tips, product etc. about the company/website. This is the part where your Email is collected and if you give them the email that means at least you are a little curious about the company.

From here comes the second stage where the company starts sending you emails and if they are successful in gaining your loyalty you are most probably going to buy from them. Between this creating emails that build loyalty keeping in mind simple yet effective points are also very important.

So in less than 250 words, I explained to you what email marketing is. I thought of including other information too but I have written some blogs regarding it which you can access down below. So, repeating the same thing for the sake of filling words won’t be the right thing to do.

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