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What is artificial intelligence?


Remember the time when you wanted to change the channel on a T.V but you were too lazy to pick up the remote so you asked someone else to do it? Well now this someone is probably Alexa or some other home automation system & it does what you want it to because it has its own brain i.e. artificial intelligence.

In simple words artificial intelligence is designed by humans to install them in machines which require human intelligence. It is a substitute for human intelligence for operating a device. There are mainly 2 types of Artificial intelligence – Strong AI& weak AI.


The strong AI refers to when a device is used for multiple functions such as a robot. When used for a single purpose the device is said to have a weak AI which includes Alexa, Cortana, google search etc.

Now there are some benefits as well as disadvantages of using AI. Let us discuss them in brief:-


>> They can be sent instead of humans to places that are dangerous or can be potentially dangerous for humans.

>> The can work 24×7 without fatigue.

>> They remove any chances of human error during experiments eg. Calculation, observations etc. (this is considered when they are programmed properly).

>> They have an inbuilt database in them which allows them to take faster decisions based on the problem in front of them.

>> Be it Siri, Cortana or Ok Google we have now been used to using AI in our day to day life and it does make the tasks in hand easier to do.


>> Unemployment is one thing that is going to have a rise when considering AI as people will look to replace labourers with them for better efficiency.

>> Initial cost of developing an AI is large.

>> The decisions are taken by AI are according to data already fed into it and so it is not capable of taking decisions when some unique problem comes up for which it has no data.

>> They lack human emotion so the part of being a part of the team is out of the window.

>> “Alexa switch on the AC” instead of moving your butt to do so is sure to make us lazy.

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