What are the top 10 emerging technologies in the next 5-10 years?

What are the top 10 emerging technologies in the next 5-10 years (2020–2025)?


Apart from digital marketing technology is another word that sparks my interest. The reason is that it keeps evolving and if you are like me you are sure to have a curious side to know what is going on, is this even possible and similar questions. So without further due let’s get started.

Considering 2020-2025 here are the top 10 technologies for the future:-

1. Nano Solar Cells


You already have a basic idea about nanotechnology and solar cells. Combination of both leads to these Nano solar cells. So how did it make to the top 10?

I don’t need to tell you how solar cells are useful but I surely will tell you that setting up of solar panels is a tedious task but due to the increasing demand of renewable energy sources still continues the trend of solar panels.

So, what if they became compact, cheap and no setting arrangements for the panel? These are some of the advantages that Nano solar cells have over traditional solar panels.

2. 3D Printing


You are an engineer and have an urgent requirement for a part to complete your project and the problem is that the exact dimensions are not available at the store right now. So, what do you do?

You just print them. Yes, 3D print them just like the Eifel Tower in the image and you will have your own equipment with the required dimensions in a matter of hours.

Be it quick production, exact dimensions, cost-effectiveness etc. 3D Printing has you covered. If you still wish to know more advantages you may visit 3D Insider.

3. Autonomous Cars


Tesla, Google cars, Volvo, Audi etc. are the name of the companies that have already tried their hand on autonomous cars. So, there is no doubt that these cars would be a part of our list.

Due to being internet-based they are prone to hacking and are also expensive compared to normal cars but they compensate that up with the decrease in accidents, helping the disabled to travel comfortably, fewer traffic jams etc.

Considering the decline in fuel reserves and an incline in their prices automatic/ self-driving cars are ought to have a significant impact in the coming years.

4. Blockchain Technology


Considering the world is moving online the topmost priority that a person has is regarding security. And security/privacy in the online space is what blockchain is about.

It creates blocks of the information and sends it to all of the people connected in the network. If there is any disturbance in any of the blocks the other ones connected to them are notified right away and the trespassing can be blocked.

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5. Li-Fi Technology


We know about Wi-Fi that makes uses of radio waves to transmit data. Li-Fi is a mode to transmit data through the LED (Light-emitting diodes) i.e. using multiple light sources to form a wireless network.

In a way, it uses light from bulbs for transmission of data. The reason why it made the list is considering its fast response (100 times that of WI-Fi and is power efficient and also reduced cost.

As the world moves towards using the internet in their daily lives faster connectivity and response is going to be a key factor due to which Li-Fi technology is bound to boom.

6. Bionic Eye


As the name suggests bionic eye is the replacement for an original eye. They are in the developing stage for the purpose of giving vision to the blind. The current process involves treating blindness for certain eye diseases only.

As of now, there is only one bionic eye in this world – Argus II in the United States but more are under development. The scientists assume that after the development of the bionic eye 85% of the people who are currently blind would be able to see.

7. Artificial intelligence


The next big thing to revolutionize the automation sector – Artificial intelligence. The best and well-known example – Alexa. Artificial intelligence is a substitute for human intelligence and an attempt to ease human efforts whether in industries, home etc.

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8. Swarm robotics


You probably know about robotics. Swarm robotics is when a group of comparatively simple robots are designed to perform a specific task that could be potentially dangerous/difficult for humans.

The most important use is for disaster rescue missions. It can also be used for developing Nano circuits easily, used for mining purposes, geographical surveys, military applications etc.

In simple words, a group of robots designed for a specific task can be termed as swarm robots and studies regarding them is swarm robotics.

9. Genomics


The technologies relating to genes is termed as genomics. They are useful for study in areas related to biology and their investigations through technology.

In simple words what they do is take the genes of a specific population to learn about their genetic pattern. This population can be of either humans or animals. These genes are then studied using advanced technologies to obtain insights.

These insights are helpful to plan the future. Say if there was an incurable disease in the past in a particular area.

Then genes of people from that area are studied and then accordingly a vaccine is made to protect them in the future.

10. Cloud Technology


You need to have your own physical data centres and servers if you need to provide IT services. Not mentioning the cost it requires maintaining them. All this hassle is removed using cloud computing.

So what is it exactly?

I mentioned data centres and servers but I used the word physical there. Cloud technology is basically virtual data centres and servers in order for you to provide IT Services. The flexibility, efficiency etc. you achieve with cloud are endless.

The best example of it is the Amazon Web Services (AWS). They are one such dealer in cloud computing that provide virtual data centres and serves according to your need.

In conclusion, I would like to say that these are just my picks for the top 10 technologies in the next 5 years. There are many other technologies out there too that maybe the next big things. But as per my knowledge, these 10 are the ones that will have the most significant impact.

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