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What are the benefits of email marketing?


Average order value from Email marketing is 3 times that of social media. Interesting right.

Yes, now that I have your attention let us go through the other benefits of Email Marketing:-

Better sales as mentioned in the start of the blog the reason is quite simple actually – Emails and messages are the first things people check on their phones. So, if you have made a great email and also built loyalty with your customer sales is bound to happen.

You can personalize each message without writing them individually with the help of tools available from the email marketing software you are using. Let us all just agree that “Hello (your name)” is always better than “Hello customer”.

Building loyalty and credibility becomes easy when your emails are a mix of value-based and informative to your subscribers.

Growing brand awareness becomes easy as people interested in your brand have subscribed to you and providing them with positive experiences results into spread of positive word of mouth your brand.

You can segment your subscribers which help as people are subscribed because they like your brand and if you further segment them, it would help greatly in providing content that is right for them which results in the other 4 benefits mentioned above.

I think that these benefits have got you thinking about Email marketing as it provides so many benefits. So why wait? Start learning about it already.

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