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What are some examples of great marketing?


When learning about marketing it is quite a cliché way to learn from people and brands who have already done it. Here are the 3 examples of great marketing in this decade.

1. Google Pay

Google pay/tez

This according to me was one of the smartest marketing campaigns in this decade. Google as we know it is on top of the list in search engine but when they entered the E-payments sector they ruled it too.

Their strategy was simple to target a huge customer base – India or China. China already has Alibaba Alipay which is a huge name in itself. So, India with a mobile user base of 0.75Billion (Approximately 3 in every house) was a great option.

 Also due to its brand name, it was easy to cope up with emerging companies like Paytm. They used the name Google TEZ at first (TEZ = Fast, another smart way to target audience).

Due to demonetization and ease of internet access due to Reliance JIO E-payments became more prominent and they launched their service. Then when they reached a great customer base and started to trend globally they changed their brand name to G-pay (Google Pay).  The exiting offer of receiving a scratch card also helped the brand to gain attention early on.

2. Burger King Funnel Cake Fries

Burger King – Funnel cake fires

So, here is the story, Burger King started liking tweets of people from almost 10 years ago. Yes, you heard it right 10 years ago. And as you know people started talking about it and confusion kept growing.


Posts, blogs, U-Tube videos went on a rise to know what was going on? The buzz was at its top and that is when Burger King cleared the confusion with this tweet of theirs.


Yes, all of this for the funnel cake fries of theirs which launched in 2010, yeah 10years ago. What did it cost them? Nothing. What did it earn them? I suppose you guessed that already.

3. Amul butter Cookies

Using a distinguishing feature in their cookies amidst such great competition, the king of the dairy brand was sure to leave a mark on the cookie territory too, Just look how smarty they did it.

Amul Butter Cookies

And why is this one of the greatest? Look at the some of the responses.

Though FSSAI has certain rules regarding the use of vegetable oil, finding out the difference and using it to their advantage.  Sure this is one of the smartest marketing campaigns.

Honorable Mention: Lays new packaging

Lays Smile packaging

What did this do? Mentions, hashtags over flooding with just this move. People started engaging with this more an more. A idea can change your life? The tagline maybe of another but the use of it has been demonstrated by none other than Lays.

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