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Useful Facebook marketing tips for beginners


When using Facebook be it sharing your photos, videos or even hilarious memes everyone loves you may feel like a king but when it comes to advertising a business page on Facebook well it may seem a little intimidating at first but once you get a hold of it nothing can stop you.

Tip 1: Don’t be intimidated

No, seriously there is nothing to be scared of unless you randomly spend money on Facebook ads without a thought. If that is the case stop NOW!

Tip 2: Know your audience in brief

As a beginner, I would not tell you to create segments among your target audience in detail but you should at least know who you want to show your posts? This is it let that sink in and think about it your answer to this question is your target audience.

Tip 3: Create simple posts but eye catching

Content world is the one which makes or breaks your game on Facebook. Make sure to use quality images and don’t forget to make videos. I f you don’t know how to make a video do not worry there is a feature in Facebook Ads manager that allows you to pick a number of photos and view them as a slideshow. Believe me, it looks great!

Tip 4: Minimal text

Using photos and videos with text is good but do not overdo it. The reason is that there are too many posts just like yours so if you intend on writing an essay there are chances of people avoiding it instead of a sentence within 30*40 character range which van hold the writers attention will give you more engagement. Less is more in case of text for Facebook Ads.

Follow these 4 simple tips and you will be ready to use Facebook Ads for your business. Remember these are beginner tips as you go along the way be sure to understand about these steps in detail as they are the only parts of Facebook Ads but learning in-depth about each will help you even more.

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