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TOP 5 Instagram tips for 2020


I can explain to you about Instagram is that this blah blah but that is not what you are here for right? You are here to know the secret tips & gain audience So let’s just start with the Top 5 tips for 2020:-

1. Know your audience


Cliché I know but if you have not figured this out yet it is high time to do so. Why you ask? To utilize your budget in the best way possible.

When you complete this step you come to know about who your actual audience is – age, demographics, interests etc. which also, in turn, helps to develop your posts accordingly for maximum engagement.

2. Create branded  hashtags


So, we know what hashtags are they help us get more visibility for that particular keyword. Branded hashtags are special tags you create for your own brand.

Say for example in case of red bull they created #givesyouwings. Thus whenever someone mentions this hashtag they get promoted free of cost. In a way, it is like getting a positive word of mouth in the digital world.

3. Use Instagram stories feature


By adding this feature Instagram took a leap in user engagement. The main reason for it being that the stories lasted for only 24 hours which means the latest news, the latest offer anything could be posted and as it has a short duration they are way more helpful in creating engagement.

What’s more, is the stickers and other additional things they provide so that you can customize your story in your own unique way. So, use stories.

4. Change to a business profile


For this just go to settings and change it to a business profile. The main reason behind this is that the business account provides you with metrics that the normal account won’t and moreover it is free.

So, for tracking data you need to use the business account. Follow the steps mentioned in image above and you are good to go.

5. Call to action

You decided on the audience, created engaging content, used hashtags, tracked analytics now what? Call to action – You have to set one may it be selling your product, asking for opinion etc.

You need to let your audience know what they should do next after being enticed by your content or else all the hard work you put in would be for nothing.

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