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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips and tricks [2020 Updated]


Whatever one might say Email marketing is here to stay. That is what the studies conducted by AT&T shows which is 41% of small business use Email marketing to market to their customers.

But what are the things or Tips&tricks you need to keep in mind? There can be many but I’ll give you 5 which should be a part of your checklist before sending out any Email of yours. So without further wait let’s just get started :-

1. Consider the device

What I mean by this the use of mobiles is on a rise and most of the people nowadays check their mail on their mobiles. So, if you need them to open it make sure that the email you write is optimised for the same.

2. “From” XYZ

This is a crucial one some people suggest using their company name and some suggest using your personal name for some reasons.

Now though personalization is important (Point 4) it does not mean it is useful for the “from” part. Ask yourself this ‘Who will people recognize more? My name or my brand’ i.e. what will seem more credible? As soon as you answer this question your “from” part is set.

3. Subject line – The making or breaking point

What is the first thing you see when you open your Email app? What is the factor that influences whether or not you will open a mail? If you answered these questions you have understood why it is important to write a solid subject line.

Write a subject line that is short 40-45 characters or 6-10 words is max. Here also ask yourself this question ‘If this was the subject line in my Email would I click it?’ If you answer yes then go ahead if not you know what to do.

4. The personal touch

The subject line you wrote forced the reader to open up your email. Great! But now all they see is a computer-generated message. That’s dull so never do it.

Write a message that seems like you are writing to one single person. Personalized messages always work. Be sure to add some freebies as once they are connected the freebies act as a bonus be it discount coupons, free events etc.

5. Call To Action (CTA)

This is the final point to seal the deal. See if you don’t direct your email readers to where to go next probably the next time they will not even care to read your emails or at worse unsubscribe from your list.

We don’t want all that. Do we? So, create a CTA just a landing page visit would also be just fine. Just provide a CTA which keeps them engaged to your brand.

Hope you noted them down if you can keep the above tips in mind you will keep seeing the rise in your Email lists.

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