Hey There! Thank you for visiting my website. This is Suraj Nair – The creator of

First things first, why did I start this blog?? 🤔
During my 2nd year of graduation, I came across the term called digital marketing. I knew about marketing but digital marketing was something new that sparked my curiosity.

I took up the task to learn everything about it since then. So, after many certifications, blog reading, video watching I gained enough knowledge to work. But knowledge without application would not be fun.

So, I started this blog to put my knowledge into words & practice what I learn. Also, in the process provide you with the information, I am gathering along the way.

In the beginning, the blog was named after me for a year then in July 2021, I thought to myself, there are many marketing enthusiasts like me so why not build a community of marketers using this blog and hence Marketing Monger”s” came into existence. The “s” is the most important letter here as that is what will represent this community.

And Finally, why should you read my blogs when there are many out there already?
Simply because I am a little lazy. Yes, you heard it right. I know you feel like punching me right now but just hold that fist for just a little while and keep reading.

Well as a reader myself I hated long written blogs. I know details are important but what’s the use of data if people get bored to read it? So as the quote above says the lazy person (me) did find an easy way out.

I thought of writing blogs ✍️ that only contain information that is useful to you in a shorter format which you can read in a maximum of 5 minutes. You don’t eat the chocolate wrapper along with it, do you? I am just providing you directly with the chocolate simple. So, less reading + more information so that you can focus on your more important tasks later.

So, now let me babble something about who am I and how am I the right person to provide you with information? Well, I can write many paragraphs about me and bore you or you can just visit my LinkedIn profile (Suraj Nair) if you wish to know about my qualifications.

PS: How long did it take you to read this? and yet you now know enough about me to visit my blog.
Exactly my point, less reading + more information.

Happy reading 🙂