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What will be the role of artificial intelligence in digital marketing?


Have you heard about Chabot’s? The message box that arrives when you visit a website they are a part of the digital marketing strategy and works on artificial intelligence. The benefits due to them are a topic for a different article.

Chatbot : INFRAVEO Technologies

Another example can be understood by retargeting. How do you think the software displays Ads to people who already viewed a particular product?

That algorithm is artificial intelligence too. We are not done yet data which is one of the centrepieces of a digital marketing strategy can be collected and studied to understand customer behaviours using AI.

If you have a brief idea about marketing/digital marketing you know quite well what understanding the customer’s behaviour can do for you.

Businesses that implement AI see 59% better close rates, 58% increased revenue, 54% more traffic and engagement, and 52% more conversions

Source: MarketProfs

I found a list of tools from that illustrates some of the tools that have already used Artificial intelligence in the field of digital marketing. I shall explain their practical advantages to you:-

>> Google Cloud AI

Chatbots, as we discussed earlier, can be made using this platform and integrated into your website. The benefit here is they have some pre-trained models to use if you are not comfortable with customizing your own.

>> Market Brew

When you make changes in your content search engines it usually takes up a long time up to 60days to update your content but it takes only 1.5Hours using this tool. You can understand how useful can this be considered the SEO strategy.

>> Emarsys

Useful when you want to create personalized content for the users as well as drive sales.

>> Siftrock

Useful when using an E-mail marketing strategy. You can send messages to certain users only such as people who have bought a certain product, people who have newly subscribed to your newsletter etc.

>> Blueshift

Segmentation is an important part of determining who your target audience is or narrowing down your target audience. Blueshift understands the customer’s behaviour and helps segment them accordingly.

>> Zoomph

If brand awareness is your target this is the tool for you. Main function of this AI aided tool is to track trends in the market, measure audience behaviour & Return on Investment (ROI).

So, we can conclude that using artificial intelligence in the field of digital marketing has led to better opportunities & they will go hand in hand in the near future.

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