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The quickest way to increase Instagram followers


Let’s be honest here getting your first 1k, 5k etc. followers are tough i.e. if you don’t use the tips I am going to provide you with. Now, why is this?  Because in the start you only have to say, 20-30 followers. Would even you consider following such a person? No, unless he provides some value.

So, without further due here are the simple tips you can follow to increase your followers on Instagram:-

1. Provide value


Well you sure guessed this one. But though being cliché it’s an important step to consider the audience’s point of view and then post content related to you niche When you are done with this step every other step may work and if this step is broken well I don’t think this or any other tips blog/video will help.

So, buckle up and be ready to create valuable content. Now, what if you are just a beginner and don’t know much about contents? This will bring you to tip 2.

2. Repost other people’s content


This is let’s say the super tip when you don’t have your own posts you borrow them. Be sure to mention them or you may get into trouble.

Now earlier Instagram used to allow repost (using third party apps) but now they require the permission of the original account that posted the piece of content you like. Still if you can just mention them while reposting that would be fine.

3. Hashtags


If you are a regular Instagram user then most probably you know its importance even more than me. For those who don’t know, start learning about them right now

They improve visibility on a great scale but be sure to use the right ones. Also, remember only 30 hashtags are allowed per post and 10 per story.

4. Use Buzzfeed


You can get your word out using this too but be sure it can actually help the niche you are targeting. Moreover, there is a HARO that could be helpful in which the people mail you (3 mails per day) for content for their website and in return provide you with backlinks.

5. Create a unique design for your account and stick to it


When they see a post of yours they must know that without even looking at the account name. That’s why logos are important.

Though by design I mean look at how smartly Frooti has done it the colour combination and the mango is their tool to go simple yet very very effective showing that their brand deals with mango juice.

These tips are useful when you are new to Instagram and say if you’re an intermediate or pro player then promoting your customer’s photos with your product, host giveaways, tag along with influencers, promote them on your blog etc. the possibilities are endless but for a beginner, I guess the above steps are the ones to be focused upon.

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