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The process of Facebook marketing


You know what Facebook marketing is but knowing is not enough you have to apply. Though there is no fixed way of going about it here is an idea on what the process may look like when you begin your journey with Facebook marketing.


First of all I would recommend you to setup your Facebook Ads manager account. For reasons:-

>> It is somewhat mandatory if you want to seriously scale up your marketing efforts

>> It helps a lot on giving you an estimate on how much engagement you will reach with your current plan and also the number of leads it will generate. Of course it is not pinpoint accurate but an estimation is always helpful

>> It also provides you with rich stock images you can use as a background for your content as you know high-quality images are always preferred and also we can’t always run around with a camera clicking pictures, can we?

So, you have set up tour Ads account. Great! Now what you need to do is sit down and think about who your potential audience could be.

Say for example you are a shoe brand owner so you can target someone who has an interest in walking, jogging, running, marathons, shoes, special kinds of shoes, is in the age between x and y, if you make gender-specific shoes then you can select that too, where are you able to ship your products select the location etc.

 I could write a whole lot on it. You know why? Because the above mentioned are some of the few features that Facebook Ads account helps you to target. Yes they help with targeting as well as estimation. Now you get the point why the Facebook Ads account is necessary I suppose.


Once you have targeted your audience to start making some awesome content that will be appealing to them. Always see your content from a customer’s standpoint and think whether it will work or not. Use less text on images and use the space for captions in order to write text. Also video content is something that can get you a lot of engagement.

So, this is it a 3 step formula:-

Facebook Ads Account > Targeted Audience > Content

This is what the process of Facebook marketing looks like.

Bonus Tip: Join with groups and community’s that share your niche and then share your content with them too as they are already interested and may show more engagement.

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