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How can you unfollow everyone on Instagram?


First and foremost is it possible to unfollow everyone on Instagram in just one swoop? Yes, there are applications that allow you to aid you in this process. I would be providing links for both the android and the IOS users.

For the IOS Users the app is known as Cleaner for Ins

For IOS users

Now the point to notice here is that this app not only allows you to unfollow all the people at once but also has the feature of removing spam accounts from your profile as well. There are plenty of other features too, be sure to experiment with it.

Now, for Android users the app is known asCleaner for Instagram

For Android users

This will let you achieve your goal really quick! Here is what you need to do:-

>> Download and launch this application

>> Tap on the “Following” section and go to “quick select.” Just tap “Select All” to unfollow them at once.

>> Done! Simple isn’t it.

Thus you can unfollow everyone on Instagram by using these apps. There are other applications too but confusing you with many options is not the point here. I selected these applications because they are easy to use and get the job done.

Now, let me say this that the apps mentioned above are available for their respective platforms only and that is quite fine as they are both capable of getting the job done


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