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How to see who viewed your Instagram Profile?


If you are looking for the direct answer to the question can I see who viewed my Instagram profile? No, you can’t. But an argument may arise that there are third-party apps that are allowing you to do so. Yes, they are there but ever wondered what they actually do? How they actually work? Read on to find out.

Most of the third-party applications are a total fake and the ones that actually seem to work just jumble some usernames and show them to you. How am I so sure about it? Because the Instagram API (Application Program interface) let us say a governing factor does not allow anyone to share this information.

Moreover, always remember you would be giving away your password too. So what if you have a personal interest on who viewed your profile or you have a brand you want to grow? What stats should you consider? Instagram stories is the way to go.

If you own a shop you may choose the option of Business account Or if you are a creator like me you may choose Creator account. Instagram Analytics/insights are available for both the platforms

Do you need something special to view them? No, Just a simple way post your story, click on it, see the eye button yes, click on it and you have the number of people who viewed your story which indirectly means they are interested in your content. Does it have some advanced features? Yes, a business account and the cost will blow your mind – Absolutely free!

The additional features you would be given are – insights, contact information, better visibility, promoted post feature and much more Other than this some apps for who followed or unfollowed you is fine but when growing an account is to be considered then the insights from Instagram stories are enough to plan your future strategy.

So as a conclusion I would like to say that when looking for actual growth on Instagram the question should be What is my customer behaviour or what content do my customers interact with the most? In such cases, Instagram stories and insights lead the way for your strategy. And again Can you see who viewed your Instagram profile? No, because Instagram does not allow you to do it to keep user privacy.

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