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How to prevent mails from spam folder [4 simple ways]


So, how did I get an idea to write this? A friend of mine who runs a business called me up and told me that he was starting an email marketing campaign for his business. He explained to me everything and believe me he had all the ingredients for a successful email marketing campaign.

But the only problem was when he sent out an email for the testing purpose it was going to the spam folder. The well-recognized company, brilliant strategy, relevant information yet moves to the spam folder. What do you think was the reason behind it?

The key to unlocking your emails from the spam folder is your Subject line. Did you guess it? Great if not now you know it. Either way, it is important to know some tips that would be useful whether you are sending out a mail for email marketing or any other purpose to prevent it from going to the spam folder.

1.  Refrain from using words “FWD & RE” for you email marketing campaigns. These words act as a trigger for the spam folder and so even though your information is relevant it may run into trouble.

2. The most important one – Stay Away from SPAM TRIGGER WORDS. What does it mean? The name is self-explanatory. I would not bore you with what these words are but knowing these words would help you to avoid them and write a subject line that lands into your customer’s inbox. For your reference, I am adding a URL to a website I found useful:

3. Avoid using a question mark (?) and an exclamation mark (!) together. You guessed it right yet another trigger.

4. Refrain from using emojis in subject lines

BONUS TIP: If it still does not work you can check if you are a blacklisted sender here – and choose the actions accordingly.

As you can see it is not something big that ruins your great campaign but the small details that could make or break your marketing campaign.  No complications just simple easy steps to make the full use of your campaign.

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