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How to make Hashtags work on Instagram [2020 Updated]

How to make Hashtags work on Instagram

Hashtags are a huge deal. Why you ask? Because they get your post in front of more people that are related to your content. Although that is when you use the right hashtags of course.

Now according to statistics, the post with at least 1 hashtag has 12.6% more user interaction than posts without a hashtag. But make sure you don’t use them too much. There is a limit of 30 hashtags per post and 10 hashtags per story so use them wisely or else the post won’t show up to the hashtag you have linked it to.

Anything in excess is bad it works here too so although the limit is 30 I would recommend anywhere between 5-10 and make sure you don’t use any special characters like à “! $, %, ^, &, *, +,” as they won’t work.


Now you know the importance of a hashtag so why not understand it’s types for a basic understanding so you can choose which one is fit for your content. I’ll get to this quick – There are 3 types mainly :-

Branded hashtags à Related to a specific brand eg. #justdoit. i.e. to promote a brand

Community hashtag à Related to a specific niche, location, profession etc. eg. #running i.e. they are related to something specific.

Campaign hashtag à Related to a specific time frame usually lasts for a few days. Eg. # Londonmarathon i.e used for a short period to get more engagement.

You have set up your mind on which type of hashtags you want to use for your content so now it is time to find the best hashtags for your piece of content. Now remember that using hashtags is step one completed but choosing the right one is crucial.

For this, the best tip I can provide you with is keep your hashtag as relevant to your content as possible. Eg. You are posting about the new phone you have bought let us say iPhone 11 Pro so instead of using  #newphone or even #IPhone use #iPhone11pro which would be more specific and get more user engagement.

Other than this tip I have 4 more tips for you to use :-

1 Use the auto-suggestion feature as it mentions the user engagement for the given hashtag so you can use this to get an idea about which one you should use.

2 See which hashtags are used by your competitors and also research on which hashtags are being used by people at the top of your niche. This tip saves a lot of time actually

3 Don’t use banned hashtags. You would find the list right here  :-

4 Use hashtag campaigns and promotions to see what works for you and what does not and plan your hashtags accordingly.

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