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How does Email Marketing work?


So, you have decided to go with Email marketing but are confused about how does that work? Don’t sweat ill be sure to help you and also give you some valuable tips you can use.

So here is how it works:-

1. You get an email marketing platform e.g. Mailchimp, SendInBlue etc.

2. They will collect leads/emails for your business through a designed subscribe now a page that you can create using the tools available in the platform you are using.

3. These leads/emails automatically join your email list

4. The autoresponder in the platform sends out your follow up emails once a person opts into your email list.

(You can also send out broadcasts to them when you so wish)

That is the simple process of Email marketing but you need to know something special as a beginner. Your goal is to develop an email list of people who will buy from you anytime. So, the way to do it is building trust and loyalty.

So, refrain from sending sales emails from the start. Begin with emails that provide value to your subscribers, ask them about the problems they are facing – Solve them. Once you have achieved this you can then send sales emails if you want.

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