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How do you see who viewed your videos on Instagram?


Instagram videos are a huge deal! You want to know why?  just look at the statistics given below and you will understand it directly.


Before starting I’ll warn you about the third party apps that claim to give you information on who views your videos. Don’t buy them they are just fake their only aim is your money and your account information so never rely on third party applications.

Now I am sure because no matter who claims it Instagram does not allow you to know who viewed your video but it does show you how many viewed it.


Now, this stat is not that appealing but is a huge plus on showing how many impressions has your video received. So, if you are targeting brand awareness this metric is surely a measuring stick for the same.

Now, what if you want to consider who is interested in your brand so that you can target them. For this Instagram has allowed to show you the person who liked your video and thus you can target these people who have either liked/commented/both on your video.

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