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How do you recover a deleted Instagram account?


There is a difference between a disabled and deleted account. The disabled account can be recovered easily using community guidelines. As far as the deleted account is considered, these steps will be your guide in doing so:-

Step 1: Go to the Instagram Login page.

Step 2: Type in your username you used for your account and click ” Get help signing in” behind the Login button.

Step 3: It will lead you to a new page. There you will find a title “Trouble logging in.” but in the cases of deleted account, this is not of any help to you. So, click “need more help.” which will lead you to a new page.

Where you have to put the email address that you used at the time of sign up on Instagram. It will also ask you for a contact email, provide it if you have one set already.

It is beneficial as it makes access to your account easy. But if not set, go on with the general email address of your account.

Step 4: Next, you will be asked about the type of account that you owned, whether it was a company account, brand account or personal account. 

Step 5: In the case of personal accounts not having your personal photos on your account is not a big deal, because it does not matter in most of the time.

Step 6: The next thing to do is to click “my account was hacked.” You will get a box with the title “Any additional details,” it is not a necessary thing to do. So, you can skip this step without any issue.

Step 7: After completion of all the above steps, you can click “Request Support.”

Step 8: On completing this procedure, you will get an email on your specified email address.

Step 9: In this email, you are asked to fill some things to verify whether the account belongs to you. It includes username, full name, verification code and a clear picture of you that you have gotten from Instagram. Make sure that your account has at least one picture of you in which you can be identified clearly.

It is necessary because, Instagram help centre says “Keep in mind that if this account does not include any picture of you is used to represent something or someone else, we won’t be able to help until we receive a photo that meets these requirements.”

Step 10: Read the email and fill the verification paper according to the instructions given in the email. Congratulations to you for successfully recovering your Instagram account.

P.S: The above article is curated based on famoid website.

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