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How can I start Affiliate Marketing?


Before starting the process I shall explain in brief what affiliate marketing is. In Affiliate marketing, you become a type of broker online (for online sales of products) and you earn a commission whenever someone buys through you.

So, basically you don’t need a product you just have to market it or sell it to someone. Here selling means making someone click through and buy through your affiliate link. It is hassle-free as you don’t need a storehouse or any other facility just a laptop and an internet connection will do.

In brief the steps for affiliate marketing involve:-

S1. Build a website/blog where you would promote your product.

S2. Search for the products related to your niche and jot them down.

S3. Search for XYZ Affiliate program. Replace XYZ with the product you want to sell. If it is in amazon you will be able to promote there.

S4. Sign up for the affiliate program and then you will be provided with a link.

S5. Share this link (This link allows merchants to know about people who clicked in your link).

S6. If people click on the link and buy from it you get your commission.

BONUS TIP: You can skip step 1 if you want. Yes, you heard me right. Instead of working on a website/blog, you can simply post the link you get though steps 2-6 on your social media profiles. It works the same.

I know this seems short and simple. To be blunt this is all there is to it. The advanced methods and detailed information about each step is a different story. Whichever site you scroll the above steps are the ones that are written on every site.

This is how you can start your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner.

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