How are new technologies impacting digital marketing campaigns? -

How are new technologies impacting digital marketing campaigns?


There is no doubt the evolution of technology is what leads to digital marketing and this new technology is impacting digital marketing. So, should you just put all your money on a new technology that is in the market?

Definitely, a NO if you care for your money. The key here is to adapt to whatever technology suits you the best and work with it to improve your audiences experience which will lead to fruitful marketing campaigns.

Putting these aside new technologies have or are going to have a huge impact in the following sectors:-

Data security

The access to data is one of the key factors that differentiate digital marketing and traditional marketing. But the data on the internet can be messed with so use of blockchain technology is one thing in this area that is going to change the way data is stored for marketing purposes. Read more (link to blockchain on the digital blog).


There are plenty of automation tools available which can be used for segmentation, lead generation, content marketing, customer retention and ROI measurements. What suits you the best, what are your needs etc. are some questions you need to ask before you select them.

Mobile devices

The use of mobiles is increasing by the passing second and marketers are aware of it. This is the prime reason they are now devising plans to make their website mobile-friendly.

It is also a fact that currently, google does prefer sites that are mobile-friendly. To achieve this they use new software and technologies that enable them to do so.


Videos are being used as a tool to engage customers and not to say it is working quite nicely. YouTube is a whole platform based on it so hell yeah. To create videos new technologies and software’s are coming up that enable even a newbie like me to create pro-level videos.


Chatbots are the popups that appear on some websites asking you if you need their help. To be frank it is great to be attended at a store as soon as you get in.

That is the work chatbots are meant to do to give the customer a personalized experience. Many websites and companies have implemented this technology to improve the customer experience.

In conclusion, I would like to say that technology and digital marketing go hand in hand and there is no reason for you to not use advanced technologies to improve your marketing campaigns as the new technology is clearly impacting how digital marketing is done.

Above are just some ways marketers have implemented new technologies to new trends. I wonder how many other ways there can be to use new technologies for digital marketing!

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