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Growing on Instagram in 2021 [August 2021 Updated]


Growing on Instagram in 2021 is easy but difficult. Wait what? Yes, these are the 5 tips you need but without one extra ingredient it’s all for nothing.

Just take a simple example you cook food – all the right vegetables, masalas etc. but forgot to put in salt. How would the food taste 🤔 The same is with your Instagram account. The point is you need everything to make the perfect dish.

So, now here are the only points you need to take care of:-

1. Create FEE posts/stories – Fun, educational and/or engaging posts

The main thing Instagram wants you to do is to make people spend more time on Instagram.

And the best way to do that is the FEE – fun educational and/or engaging posts. What are they exactly?

> Fun

Transition posts by your favourite stars – how do they change their outfits, the dance videos, singing videos, we still remember rasode mei kaun tha, right? 😉 All these are examples of fun posts.

In case you aren’t fond of videos carousels are a great alternative for you.

These types of posts are engaging as well so you get the bonus effect.

> Educational

Be it through posts or reels, if you educate your audience with relevant information that helps them to gain knowledge, you are set.

> Engaging

Earlier Instagram used to focus on likes and comments. But now from what I’ve seen the saves and shares are the new metrics.

So, when creating a post – create a great hook, put up content that you yourself would like to share/save and add a call to action (preferable save/share the post)

2. Hashtags

There are mainly two ways you can do this. Try both and follow what suits you.

> 20-30 hashtags

This theory is based on the fact – more the better and it is in some cases. If it’s working for you go ahead. Try not to go for only popular hashtags as you might face a lot of competition there.

> 8-15 hashtags

The main reason for this theory was to keep your hashtags precise, the same way you keep your captions.

I wrote a blog on choosing hashtags you can check that out. (How to make hashtags work)

3. Create reels

Some people are in doubt that reels have hit a saturation point. No, it definitely has not. In fact, Instagram is looking out to roll the 60-second reels as well.

These short videos are very helpful in the engaging department. So, keep in mind the FEE framework for posts and apply it here.

4. Engage with other accounts

Remember the quote ” your network is your networth”? The same applies here. The more you engage with other accounts the more you will become visible. Simple as that.

> How to do it?

Find the hashtags you have mentioned in your post

See the top and similar posts to yours.

Leave a meaningful comment there PS: a big NO to comments like – nice post, awesome post, using only emojis etc. Meaningful comments only

5. Collaborations

You may not want to collaborate with your direct competitors but you may with people in the domain.

For example. You are into posts regarding Facebook Ads. Collaborate with people who are into youtube, marketing news etc. i.e. same domain – Marketing/Advertising.

This one may be useful after you have created some useful content already on your account (50 posts minimum).

The key ingredient – Consistency

I have tried everything I have mentioned above but the most growth I saw was during the time I was consistent in doing these things.

I am also guilty of not being consistent as well. But, I know that if you can hack this YOU WILL GROW ON INSTAGRAM. (assuming you are following all the other strategies mentioned above


Formula for growing on Instagram in 2021:

( FEE Posts + hashtags + reels + engagement with other accounts + collaborations) x consistency = Instagram growth

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Thank you for reading 🙂


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