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What is the future of innovation with blockchain and digital marketing?


The future of innovation with blockchain and digital marketing seems to be going hand in hand considering the data privacy & security that comes with blockchain and is an important part of digital marketing. Advertisements via digital media are doing great than traditional media because of one fact – Data.

Using data available to us we are able to analyse our digital campaigns i.e. we are able to track our campaigns and make the most out of each campaign.

It is the main differentiator between digital marketing and traditional marketing. Since data is the key, data security is of prime importance and hence blockchain will be used in digital marketing in the near future.

One of the latest data transparency issues was the Facebook scandal that rose doubts in the minds of people about the data they are sharing online. But, blockchain being a decentralised platform takes care of all that

Targeting is also one of the domains where blockchain is being helpful. BitClave is a blockchain platform that offers tokens to its users for providing them with personal data which can be further used for targeting them with relevant Ads.

The most important of all is that using blockchain one ensures its customers that their personal data is secured which builds a sense of trust among the customers.

So, we can conclude having known the importance of blockchain in the digital marketing industry due to the simple yet important feature of data security that it provides to its users and as a result the trust it builds amongst the customers.

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