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How good is a career in digital marketing?


Digital marketing is fun and you have started learning about it. That’s great! But before starting there is a common question you most probably will get – Can digital marketing be taken as a career? Is digital marketing career stable? Is it same as other jobs? Etc.

Now, this is a valid question to ask before you declare it as your career. The short answer would be quite simple actually if you are in marketing and you have skills regarding digital marketing it is always a plus in your career. So yes you can take it up as a career option. Whether it’s a good career option? I’ll give you some example then you decide for yourself whether it is a good career choice.

Assume there is a company name it A. Now A has been seeing some downfall in profits so it has decided to try something that will boost its sales. A is successful and its profits are going up. Seeing this other company also tries this ”something” that is making all the difference for Company A. The something here is digital marketing.

How can you say that you ask? What phone are you having right now? Where did you come to know it from probably the internet, here let us assume that you were recommended by a friend? Then where did you search the specifications? whether it would be suitable for you or not? Internet is the obvious answer and digital marketing is the process of marketing over the internet.

I just took the most common example of mobile but just look around and see how many things are there. You see the internet provides us with options and information.

This is the same for digital marketers too. Even one of India’s greatest Digital marketing expert – Digital Deepak says so. Ever wondered why do you keep seeing the Ads of the product you just viewed on Amazon, Flipkart or any other store online? That is remarketing a part of digital marketing too. So you see digital marketing has the potential as it is just the evolution of marketing.

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