What's Trending? - Topical Posts

News/Topics, in general, are fine, but knowing about what’s trending on the internet is a must. So, if you are a fan of Topical posts like me, this section is just for you.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram being a visual focused platform has gained a lot of momentum in recent times. So, how can you use Instagram to gain followers, increase engagement & increase sales?


Facebook Marketing

With 2.6 Billion active users every month Facebook is the largest Social media platform. Considering the numbers you know you can’t miss out on the chance to use it for marketing. All you need to know is listed down there.


E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is dead? Think again. Billions of mails are sent each day and it’s ROI is around $42 for each $1 spent. So, what do you need to know to make use of it?  


Affiliate Marketing

Join a program, promote the products & earn commission. That’s the end of it. But, before you start you need to know some things so that you get to earn more. What are these things?  


Digital Marketing

Topics mentioned above are parts of digital marketing. What’s the need of this section then? What if you want to lean it from scratch? If you do then this section is for you.


Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is basically application of marketing techniques in the past and using them in the digital world. Learning the basics is always helpful. Did you already know about them? 


Technology unravelled

There are many new technologies out there – some have came into existence some are in the process. Many such tech related talk such as artificial intelligence, blockchain etc. and also technological FAQ’s is included in this section.