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The best resources to learn Facebook marketing


So, you have decided you want to learn Facebook marketing but you don’t know where to begin? No worries I have got two methods for you to learn it. The second method is one which I just thought of as it is used while creating other marketing strategies.

Method 1. Use online resources such as courses and certifications.

The course content is great because it leads you to know everything you need to know on how to build up your campaign from scratch.

There are many courses out there but if you want to learn Facebook Ads you have to check out Facebook Blueprint. This a site Facebook created itself and helps you get your Facebook marketing journey started.

Facebook Blueprint page

Method 2. Analyse your competitors

By this, I simply mean that you can just see the best performing competitor in your niche, who has the similar page as yours and then analyse what kind of content he puts, which one of them receives more engagement

This is a tedious method as you don’t get direct stats of your competitors so I recommend you to combine both the methods.


First learn about the basics from a course and then start implementing. Along the way keep analysing your competitors –what they are doing, what type of content are they putting out etc. and thus you would have learned facebook marketing by yourself and also gained the knowledge of your competitors. So, combining both these methods according to me will yield the best results.

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