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Did you know about this best low-cost email marketing tool?


Email marketing is a great deal and you have decided to give it a try. But sometimes the price for software can be hefty but are they the only options available?

There are email marketing software’s available such as sendinblue, mailerlite, CakeMail, Mailchimp etc. but all these options mentioned above are SaaS – Software as a service. I am not going to explain technical aspects but in short, it means you pay for a service offered by a company’s software and you pay for the service as long as you are using it.

The options I mentioned are worth a try as they offer a free version to you first so you can try out what suits you best. But what if you are a small business and wants to send a lot of emails but the price is what has kept you tight? For such a time I have for you SENDY – This is not a SaaS but a self-hoisted application you can install on your server eg. WordPress.


How does it work? You buy the software for a one-time price of $59 and then use it for as long as you want at no extra charges. Now, to send emails you will have to sign up for Amazon SES service that lets you send the emails but the cost is cheap at $1/10,000 emails.

So you see if sending a lot of emails is a part of your Email marketing strategy then SENDY is your best option. The only drawback with it is that it is not beginner-level software so you may need someone who is good with technical skills to get started. Once that is taken care of it is quite flexible to use.

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