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The best Facebook marketing tips [2020 Updated]


Now Facebook marketing has huge potential but you also need to know some tips before you get started to have an edge over your competitors and also create campaigns that will be worth your money spent. So without further chit chat let’s discus the best tips for you to use:-

1. Custom URL address

Setup your Facebook page and then setup your Custom URL address which though an avoided step but can help you with your page’s visibility a lot. You can find it in the settings of your page once you have set it up.

This is important because the URL addresses with numbers and random letters are not that pleasing neither for your audience nor the search engine.


 2. Use high Quality images

Your audience can’t see your face so, your profile picture and the cover picture you provide on your page is of great importance as this is the face of your business that your audience is going to see.

Using high quality images is always helpful. And stick to this tip for your content also. (Facebook also provides stock photos you can use while creating your Ad which are of great quality)


3. Choose a CTA (Call to action) button

Obvious yes but still important as you have to direct your audience to what they should do after they have been hooked to your content.

Is it sign up, contact us, shop now, Go to app and even if you don’t have a product I would recommend you to make a video and then give a CTA to watch video.


4. Use Facebook videos

A user on Facebook watches 100million hours of video content every day. This fact alone shows why you should focus on the video content.

BB ki vines is a channel on Youtube and have a Facebook page which shows the impact the video content has had in generating more audience for him. Just look at the numbers.


5. Use Facebook Page Insights

Your content can be great, your targeting on point but if you don’t keep a track of what is working and what is not you may be missing out on opportunities.

But don’t you worry Facebook provides insights on all the activity on your page and this lets you know what kind of post is liked by the audience, which age group are the people who liked your posts, where are they coming from –device, location and many more.

You can create a different blog for the same topic. For now, this picture will let you know in brief what all you can know from it.


6. Target specific audience

This step is made easy when you have completed step 5 perfectly as this insight is available. When you use it to find which audience of yours is generating most profit you can customize your marketing strategy a bit and create content which will be more appealing to them.

7. Use Facebook Ads

This is an inbuilt tool in Facebook that lets you create Ads easily and also create campaigns that will be crucial in your Facebook marketing strategy.

High-quality photos, videos are already in it and also it gives you the flexibility of maintaining the cost of your campaign and gives you an estimate of the audience your Ad has the potential to reach.


8. Connect with Influencers

Use this step if you already have a following else the above 7 steps though small have a huge impact on your Facebook marketing strategy. As far as this step is concerned it works quite simply you connect with an influencer and ask them to promote your page in their content in order to get more reach.

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