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Will the growth of artificial intelligence kill digital marketing jobs?


In my previous post, I discussed how artificial intelligence is changing the ways in digital marketing and in a positive manner. But, does this mean jobs will be lost because of it like AI has done with other sectors?

Personally, the answer is No it can’t. Why? Simply because you can find the best audience to target, analyse customer behaviour etc. but one advantage that humans have over machines will always be there – Creativity.

This is the factor that differentiates us from machines and as long as we are ready to learn we will be quite capable to earn as well.

It is important to consider all the sides of a story. Here the other side refers to an individual who is not comfortable with using AI aide tools for improving his campaigns & is also unwilling to learn about them. In this case, there are chances that his job might not last.

Here when talking about learning AI I don’t mean learning to code, I mean learning to use the tools available. Simple example how many of you know how to find something on google? Almost everyone I suppose. How many of you know the code behind google? Hardly anyone except the creators of course.

Yet we use google to solve our daily queries. You adapted to the change and that is helping you. So, as long as you are comfortable with change and willing to learn not only digital marketing jobs I don’t think any type of jobs will be lost. It may be replaced but that is not a problem for someone who keeps learning

So, the point here is to make you aware of the people around you. Those who have been successful have adapted to the changes around them and kept learning. So, as long as you willing to do these two things you will be just fine.

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